Best Bean Bag Chairs for Gaming

There was a time when bean bag chairs were a popular novelty, particularly in the late 1960s. Today, bean bag chairs are making a comeback as an inexpensive product that offers considerable back support, durability, and convenience for those who play video, computer, and online games. Sitting for hours in a standard chair is not considered good for your back, but a bean bag chair does offer better support and comfort for those who love to play games.

Why Bean Bag Chairs Work?
There are good reasons why bean bag chairs are perfect for the needs of a gamer, especially when sitting in one place for a long time may be required.

  • Comfortable
  • Provides Full Support for the Back
  • Durable
  • Easy to Store

Comfort is the main reason why bean bag chairs are so desirable. The chair itself will conform to your body, so that it provides a virtual customized support where needed. This is particularly true for the back which needs additional support when gaming. The secret is that bean bag chairs, unlike conventional chairs, have no solid core which can cause irritation and become uncomfortable even when surrounded by thick foam. With no core, a bean bag chair is far more forgiving while still providing excellent support. This means that the pressure and stress placed on the back with a traditional chair is not present when using a bean bag chair.

Plus, the material that surrounds the beans inside is tough, flexible, and quite durable. A good bean bag chair will last for many years even with daily use while being considerably less expensive compared to a good traditional gaming chair.

Using a Bean Bag Gaming Chair
As with any product, you will need to know how to use it if you want to get all the benefits. With a bean bag chair, to sit in it properly you will need to provide support t your shoulders, spine, and hips for it to work. This means that your spine should curve inward at your lower back, then outward when it reaches your middle and upper back areas. Correct posture when you sit in a bean bag chair is crucial for its success. Otherwise, unsupported areas tend to become strained which puts more pressure on your back muscles. When you sit in a bean bag chair, it should be large enough to support your hips, spine, and shoulders to keep muscle tension at a minimum.

Plus, the correct posture will keep the circulation going so you can play with less chance of pressure points that might cause pain. Some additional tips include the following.

  • Sit straight up without leaning to one side
  • Feet firmly on the floor
  • Sit with your legs straight, knees and arms should not be crossed
  • Change position every 10 to 15 minutes by shifting in the chair

Doing all four of these things while sitting in a bean bag chair will minimize sore spots while providing maximum comfort. Of course, it is recommended that you get up every so often and move around as sitting for too long even in a comfortable chair still provides issues that may be long term in nature. But with all that in mind, what follows are some recommendations for the type of bean bag chair that you should get for your gaming needs. All of the following products are durable, well-crafted, and fit the budget.

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Which Bean Bag Chairs Make a Good Purchase?
Now that you are considering the benefits of a bean bag chair, the next step is getting one that fits your needs. This means that you will need to consider the following.

  • Size of the chair
  • Weight requirement
  • Budget
  • Reputation

There is a considerable difference between bean bag chairs made for children and those for adults, so choose wisely. And be honest about your weight as that plays the biggest factor in the durability of the bean bag chair. It is far better to find a bean bag chair that can comfortably hold your weight than one which does not. Finally, set an appropriate budget for obtaining a bean bag chair and then find one from a company that has a good reputation. With all that in mind, what follows are some good brands and bean bag chair selections that you should consider.

Big Bob
Arguably the most chair-like of all bean bag chairs on the list, the Big Bog offers large armrests that provide support for your shoulders and arms when gaming. Plus, the overall thickness of the chair means you can sink into the center while still getting plenty of support for your lower back. Its size is matched by its durability and can be used outdoors as well.

The Big Bob is not so much a bean bag chair, but a bean bag throne that does hold a considerable number of beans. It’s also more expensive compared to most other models, but the price difference is normally not that much which makes it a good investment.

Big Boppa
These are made for adults, are easy to clean and maintain, and will last a long time with normal use. You can choose from a variety of color schemes, but the main attribute is their overall size. This means that most full-size adults should fit into their bean bag chairs comfortably. The overall design is such that there is even arm support to make it even more cozy and relaxing. Plus, the sheer size means that kids and adults should have little issue fitting into the chair itself. For those who are still growing, the Big Boppa may be the perfect choice since it is quite durable.

Soft, but providing plenty of support, the Cayman is a popular choice with many gamers thanks to it shape. While you can sink into the center part of the chair, it offers exceptional support for the shoulders, back, and hips. Plus, you can fit two people comfortably on the chair to intensity your gaming activities. You can choose from ten different colors and the chair is large enough for most adults. Because it is great for kids as well, this durable bean bag chair can last for many years with the proper use.

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Complete with soft fur lining, the Cloud is like the top half of an egg. You sit down in the center as the sides rise up to provide full support. Although suitable for both men and women, the ladies may find it more appealing thanks to its comfortable shape, fur lining, and how it sits upright. For the gamer, this is a great bean bag chair which is large enough for a single person to sit for hours on end. Because of its fur lining, it does need more maintenance in terms of cleaning. But for those who want a stylish bean bag chair, this may be the one for you.

More of a bean bag bed than a chair, the Hayman is quite popular especially outdoors where it can be used by the entire family. It’s square shape means that you can lay out on the chair next to the pool. Plus, it comes in a wide range of colors. Another attribute is that it is quite large which means that you can fully stretch out or have more than one person on the chair at the same time. Just keep in mind the weight limit when in use. For gaming, it does provide support, but only if you are stretched out in the bean bag chair which may not be comfortable for your neck. You will need to raise the screen considerably to stay comfortable while using the Hayman.

Freaky Cousin
This is for the kids in the household who love gaming. The Freaky Cousin can be used indoors and outdoors, provides ample support, comes in different colors, and is quite durable all for a reasonable price. What makes the Freaky Cousin a great buy is that it helps kids to develop good posture when sitting thanks to its superb design. Plus, it is large enough to provide them with plenty of support until they grow out of the chair.

Media Lounge
This bean bag chair provides ample shoulder, back, hip, and leg support. This is perfect for gaming, but also for relaxing. You can select from a wide variety of colors, but the main advantage is the affordability for such a durable bean bag chair. You can also fit more than one child on the chair which makes it perfect for relaxing while gaming or doing other activities. Because of its durability, the Media Lounge is well-suited for outdoor activities as well. For a versatile bean bag chair, the Media Lounge is one of the best. Finding the right bean bag chair for gaming starts with narrowing down the list of exceptional products to those that are the right size, offers good support, comes in the colors you want, and is quite durable for indoor and outdoor use all for an affordable price.