Dallas Stoller Obituary and Death Cause, what happened to her?

People are passing on through various allegations, sometimes the age save them, and sometimes the power. One such incident took place when a 19 years old ‘serial rapist’ got a clean sheet with just a minor hand slap from the judge. He was apparently accused of assaulting 3 women, but at the end of the day, he is still free to roam. Even though he is held captive into ‘home arrest’, he doesn’t look very serious into taking it in consideration.

The first report was taken seriously when Bowen Tucker tried to misbehave and rape Chloe Bess at a house party in 2019. But due to his age as a juvenile he wasn’t reported of been a sex offender. Just few months before this incident, Bowen was accused of beating and raping an 18 years old girl named Dallas Hayer Stoller. This happened in October 2018. This situation along with the second one in the house party was reported, and Bowen was held captive in home arrest. But as per reports, he have broken the terms of home arrest more than 50 times.

There was another incident that that took place afterwards, but those allegations were dropped. Both the victims Chloe and Dallas said to the public that he didn’t receive any statement or punishment but just received a slap on the wrist from Orangeburg County Judge Markley Dennis. Imagine him breaking the home arrest rules and terms for over 50 times, and been accused of assaulting and raping three women, and still not been punished. Unfortunately, Dallas Stoller died in November 2021, this was a sudden demise.

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People say that, since Bowen Turner’s father is an investigator and DA, he used his internal connection to not let any charges on his son. These are facts, and the reality does coincide. We are hoping to get more information from the authorities soon, till then stay tuned and read more interesting news.

Dallas Stoller’s story and case is highly circulating on the social media where users are talking about it and also they are seeking justice for the young girl. The case is already highlighted in the media. The teen boy in under the police arrest and may soon sent to the prison for the case.

Also users paid tribute to Dallas Stoller on the Twitter for her strong behavior and bravery. The parents posted an update of the undergoing case. We hope that parents will get the justice soon.