Giant Snorlax Bean Bag Chair Is Perfect for Snuggling

The Snorlax spends his day doing exactly what we would like to be doing: sleeping or just being lazy. If there is one Pokemon character we can identify with its Snorlax. He’s very low maintenance, never complains, and prefers doing nothing at all. Some days this is exactly how we feel. If you are looking for a Pokemon bean bag chair for your dorm or apartment, this one is nice and cozy. It is made from 100% polyester and filled with polystyrene balls. It measures 2’ x 4’x1’ and is perfect for snuggling in at the end of a long day. You can also curl up to watch some TV or play your favorite video game. The Snorlax bean bag chair will support you comfortably during a variety of activities.

Bean bag chairs are the ultimate gaming chairs. They are portable and can be moved to any room in the house. Set up your gaming center in a bedroom, basement, or in the attic and you’ll have a chair that travels with you. They are flexible so they will bend and fit around corners that most regular chairs can’t.

The History of Bean Bag Chairs
Remember when you were a child and played a game called Hacky sack, a game played with a small bag filled with either sand or small pebbles. This is also known as a bean bag. Bean bags started out as toys and games for entertainment but grew to include furniture and they are very popular among students in college.

The first bean bag chair was invented in the 1960s by Cesare Paolini, Piero Gatti, and Franco Teodoro. It was called the Sacco. The three Italian men were commissioned to produce a chair that was not only comfortable but attractive and unique. The Sacco was designed to be a shapeless chair. When full, the leather chair resembled a pear. Full on the bottom and emptier towards the top. It became a popular part of Italian modernism. Bean bag chairs are just like any other type of furniture. They are stylish and comfortable. There are chairs made for kids and adults in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. From the classic Italian leather to soft, stretchy polyester, these chairs go well in any setting. Due to the fact that these chairs are filled with polystyrene and have a zipper, small children should be watched closely around them. Curious children have climbed inside of bean bag chairs and nearly suffocated on the stuffing so keep an eye on small kids around bean bag chairs. A helpful tip for parents is to sew a stitch or two below the zipper so they can’t be opened by the child, but the adult can cut the string later if the bag needs to be refilled

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Their versatility extends to many uses such as lounge chairs, sofas, and pet beds. They can also be used indoors or outdoors. Their outer shell should be made of leather or be a very durable material for use outside. Make sure to keep them out of direct sunlight to avoid stretching and fading of the outer material.

Types of Bean Bag Chairs:
Bean bag chairs come in all shapes and sizes and some are better than others. Here are the basic types of bean bag chairs and how they are best used.

Round – this type is very common and is basically a ball filled with polystyrene beads. It is filled to where you can make a space in the middle or create a seat with your hands. When you sit down it molds around you to create a super comfy spot. This was the first style of bean bags ever to be used in a kid’s room.

Square Chairs – these have more of a defined shape and are often more for traditional sitting. Some have armrests and cushions for traditional seating in a living room or den.

Gaming Chairs – Many gamers enjoy playing while perched in a bean bag chair. These come in various types, but often include a structured seating area and built-in speakers to relay audio from the television directly to the person in the chair.

Because of their flexibility and the fact they mold around you to create stability, they make great gaming chairs. Some have speakers and include a defined seat area. They are made for serious gamers that can spend hours playing their favorite game. Since gaming is all about getting immersed in the game, you don’t want to keep stopping because your leg is getting stiff or your butt is going numb from sitting in a straight-backed chair.

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How to set up a bean bag chair
Bean bag chairs are great and very comfy. If you’ve never owned one you don’t know what you’re missing. They are very versatile and can be laid flat or sat upright, depending on how you prefer to sit in them. Lay them flat and stretch out for a nap, or set them up and nestle in to watch your favorite shows. Bean bag chairs are the most comfortable things to sit or sleep on.

How to Clean Bean Bag Chairs
A lot will depend on the type of material your bag is made of. Leather and vinyl are easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth, while other materials can be put in the washing machine. The covers are often removable so they can be washed and dried so the chair lasts longer.

To wash:
Make sure the cover is washable and remove it. Wash in cold water on the gentle cycle and tumble dry on low. Take it out when it is 75% dry and let air dry the rest of the way. So whether you are looking to add a Snorlax bean bag chair to your apartment, or any Pokemon bean bag chair for that matter, bean bags chairs are the ultimate in comfort for reading, sleeping, watching TV, and playing your favorite video games.