Google Pixel Watch Leaked Images – Google’s First Smartwatch

If this is the final design of the Google Pixel Watch, then many of the rumors have come true.

This post has been updated to add more information regarding the leaked putative Google Pixel Watch, including a photograph of the prospective watch next to a Samsung Galaxy Watch and an Apple Watch. The story also provides a few additional information from a Reddit post that our source wrote about.

Google Pixel Watch Leaked Images

Google Pixel Watch

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A person who submitted the photographs to Resources says what may be the Pixel Watch was abandoned and recovered at a restaurant in the U.S.

The photographs of what may be the watch appear to fit numerous speculations that have emerged, including the minimalist design, the crown, and a probable hidden button.

It looks like the watch has proprietary Google bands.

We don’t know what the charging will look like since the watch did not arrive with a charger.

A Google Pixel Watch was supposedly abandoned and recovered at a restaurant in the U.S., and the photographs shared by a source to Resources look like what may be Google’s first wristwatch.


Resources has studied the photos of the watch that might be presented at Google I/O next month. It’s conceivable that the watch itself might be introduced with the Pixel 7.


The source, who we have remained nameless to protect their identity, claimed the watch, which might be “a testing model for the Internal Pixel team,” was spotted at a restaurant. The source asked Resources to not publish their identity or the restaurant name, including location, in order to safeguard their work. After the reporting of this article, the source posted a Reddit post regarding the purported watch. The insider said that the watch was left at the restaurant “for a few weeks expecting the persons who left it to return, but that never occurred.”

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What you need to know about Google Pixel Watch

The leak is extremely similar of when Gizmodo reported on the iPhone 4 prototype that was lost and discovered at a bar. The phone was disguised to appear like an iPhone 3GS.


If the photographs are true, this is the first time that we have seen the alleged watch called “Rohan.” 9to5 Google identified the code concealed in a Google update suggesting that the Pixel Watch would employ an Exynos processor, rather than the Snapdragon one present in most Wear OS 3-eligible watches.


The watch in our photographs seems remarkably comparable to leaks of reported rendered graphics. It sports a simple appearance and matches what leaks have revealed a screen with almost any bezels. The picture also confirms one of the predicted colours that the watch would come in: black.

Previous speculations have stated the watch would include a rotating crown and maybe two hidden buttons.

It is a little hard to discern from the picture above, but if this is the alleged watch then there is clearly at least one button next to the crown.


Looking at the above photographs, it appears that the watch’s band is a custom Google band and looks quite similar to the jelly-like Apple Watch sport bands. This might suggest that we could see many more hues to come. It also appears like it connects straight to the watch casing.


This could make switching out watch bands difficult, particularly since most of the other best Android smartwatches provide you greater freedom with basic watch band kinds.


No charger was left behind with the watch, although it is feasible that the watch might be charged from the rear of the watch case. This is also how Fitbit’s Versa 3 and Sense smartwatches (Fitbit is owned by Google) and the Apple Watch are charged.

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The insider claimed that the bottom “looks metallic but feels like it’s covered with glass.”

The following picture is a side by side comparison with a 40mm Apple Watch and 46mm Galaxy Watch. The photograph was submitted on Reddit by our source after the publication of this report.

In this specific picture that is seen above, we can see what seems like prongs in one of the band holes. It is conceivable that this is merely an engineering sample used for testing and won’t be present in a commercial version.


We can’t be confirmed, but the watch might possibly include the Qi standard, allowing for wireless charging capabilities.


Because the watch didn’t arrive with a charger, we can’t be sure what’s occurring on the inside.

The source reported that nothing occurred passed the boot logo when they attempted to turn it up, which you can see in the above picture. This presumably signifies that there is no OS yet installed on the watch.


We do know that Google will employ the latest Wear OS 3 co-developed with Samsung, but we may also anticipate Google to put its own Google Pixel Watch Pixel-esque twist on the software.


The final thing to note, we don’t know the territories in which Google wants to distribute the watch, but it is conceivable that it will include North America, Canada, and the E.U.

Per this picture, a little sign on the bottom of the box indicates: “This device has not been approved as needed by the laws of the Federal Communications Commission and Industry Canada, nor has it been tested for conformity with EU regulations.”


It further says that this model is for “internal testing and development only” and that the “markings and packaging are not final.”