How much is a 1803 nickel worth today? – Q&A

How much is a 1803 nickel worth today? – Q&A

How much does an 1803 nickel cost today?

For example, in 2003–04 there was a nickel commemorating the 200th anniversary of the Louisiana Purchase, and “1803” was written on it. That’s probably what you have. It was really just a nickel like any other nickel, with no numismatic value. It costs $0.05.

How much is a 1803 paise worth?

Pricing of 1803 Draped Bust Large Cent

Date Good Brilliant!
1803 Draped Bust $65 $1,000
Source: Lal Kitab

How Much Does a 2004 Louisiana Purchase Nickel Cost?

USA Coin Book Approximate Value of 2004-D Jefferson Nickel (Peace Medal Variety) is $0.27 to $0.82 or more in uncirculated (MS+) mint condition. Click here to learn how to use Coin Price Charts.

How much does a 5 cent coin cost?

For the Jefferson copper-nickel 5-cent coin, the cost increased to 7.62 cents in fiscal 2019, up from 7.53-cents in fiscal 2018 and 6.6 cents in fiscal 2017. The Roosevelt copper-nickel clad dime cost 3.73 cents in the fiscal year. 2019 is the same as FY2018 but cost over 3.33-percent in FY2017.

Which 5 cents are worth the money?

These 20 Nickels Are Worth a Combined $15 Million

  • 1880 Shield Nickel. Sold at auction: $88,125.
  • 1867 Razz Shield Cameo Nickel.
  • 1867 Rays Cameo Proof Shield Nickel.
  • 1916 Dubbed Die Above Nickel.
  • 1880 Shield Nickel.
  • 1916 Dubbed Die Above Buffalo Nickel.
  • 1964 Jefferson Mirror Brokerage on Reverse.
  • 1913 Liberty Head Nickel.

Who’s in 5 cents?

President Thomas Jefferson

What is 5 cents called in Canada?


Who’s on 10 Cent?

Franklin Roosevelt, 32nd President of the United States of America.

How many square feet is 10 cents?

4356 sq ft

How many dollars is 5 cents?

Nickel is an American coin of five cents. Twenty nickels make one dollar. A nickel can be written as 5¢ or $0.05. Click here for more information on nickels.

How many rolls is 25 cents?

Number of coins in a standard roll

Religion number of coins Face value
dime or 10 cents 50 $5.00
quarter or 25 cents 40 $10.00
half dollar or 50 cents 20 $10.00
one dollar 25 $25.00

How many dollars is 20 cents?

Combine coins of equal value to make a specified amount less than or equal to a dollar, for example ten 10-cent coins to make a dollar, five 20-cent coins to make a dollar, to make 80 cents. For four 20-cent coins.

How much money is 10 quarters?

10 quarters also equals:

5 half dollars 10 quarter 2 = 5 half dollar
25 dimes 10 Quarters × 2.5 = 25 Dimes
50 nickels 10 quarter × 5 = 50 nickel
250 paise 10 quarter × 25 = 250 paise
250 cents 10 quarter × 25 = 250 cents

How much is two quarters of a penny?

How Much Is 2 Quarters Worth?

Coin or banknote: amount:
Dollar Half-Dollar Quarter Dimes Nickels Pennies Cents Dollar Half-Dollar Quarter Dimes Nickels Pennies Cents
2 quarters equal:
2 quarters equal 0.5 = 1/2 dollar

What is the cost of 1 cent in India?


How much is a 1803 nickel worth today? – Q&A

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