How tall was James Arness and how much did he weigh? – Q&A

How tall was James Arness and how much did he weigh? – Q&A

How tall was James Arnes and how much did he weigh?

According to an article on TV Western in Time magazine (March 30, 1959), Arnes stood 6′ 7″, weighed 235 pounds, and had chest-waist-hips measurements, however, Arnes usually measured 6′. Given his height as 6″. in interviews.

Did James Arnes do a stunt double?

Ben Bates, who worked for more than 25 years as a stunt double for the star of Gunsmoke, James Arnes, died on October 4 in Sun City, Calif., his family announced. He was 84 years old.

Did James Arnes and Dennis Weaver get along?

Weaver and actor James Arnes had been close friends since the 1955 screen test for “Gunsmoke”.

Who was the first Chester or Festus?

Festus Hagen, played by Ken Curtis, was introduced in the eighth season episode (“As Hagens”), became a recurring character in the ninth season, and took over as Matt’s sidekick when Chester left. – ousted its predecessor by appearing in 304. episode

How old is Amanda Blake?

60 years (1929-1989)

What happened to Chester’s leg in Gunsmoke?

How did Matt Dillon’s assistant Chester Goode get his limp on Gunsmoke? Chester Goode is believed to have received the wound during the Civil War. The weaver sometimes forgets to lame, and sometimes he lame on the wrong foot. We’ll have to keep an eye out for that next time we see Gunsmoke.

Why did Doc Adams leave Gunsmoke?

According to IMBD, for the entire 20 years the series aired from 1955 to 1975, he appeared in an impressive 605 of 635 episodes. However, in 1971, he was forced to leave the show temporarily for only a few episodes as he had to undergo heart surgery after suffering a heart attack.

Why did Chester limp on Gunsmoke?

He was asked to differentiate his character from that of Dylan, so he decided that a limp would be a unique character trait to make Chester stand out. He ended up regretting the decision because it may not be so easy lame week after week

How many times did you shoot Matt Dillon in Gunsmoke?

According to Trimble, the federal marshal of Dodge City was shot at least 56 times, fainted 29 times, stabbed on three occasions, and poisoned once.

Why did Miss Kitty leave Dodge City?

Amanda Blake’s Miss Kitty presumably departed Dodge City at the end of the series’ 19th season, without an on-screen farewell. In real life, Blake left in 1974 because she wanted more free time and missed her friend/co-star Glenn Strange, who played Kitty’s barkeeper, Sam.

How tall was James Arness and how much did he weigh? – Q&A

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