Inigo Pascual trending Scandal on Twitter, pictures videos leaked

The people are getting mad now as we are getting some updates regarding serial rapist Bowen Turner and he has been accused of raping three women but has been convicted only attacking one of those three women. People have gone made knowing that he has somehow avoided getting into jail despite multiple serious offences. This had already sparked outrage among the public. He is only under 5 years of probation as the court has sentenced. So, it is a shocking news for everyone involved. This has got the court of justice stuck in a questionable position thanks to its questionable judgment.
The update of the court

Actor Inigo Pascual issue

In April 8, Bowen Turner had pleaded guilty. He had pleaded guilty of first degree assault and court considered it. Court also gave the 5 years of probation period because he is a juvenuile when the attack took place. There is also rumor that his father Walt Turner who works for first circuit solicitor, David Pascoe might have twisted the case in the favor of his son. So, it might be his power and connection that could have turned the case in the favor of Bowen Turner as of now. Some think it is nothing else but a case of proper white privilege.

Why Inigo Pascual is trending?

This young man has admitted brutally assaulting females and raping them in 2019. As of now the open cases were about the three rape cases he had done. This has been a really brutal scenario and still this man has been able to escape after three rapes where many other countries would have hanged this young man. Honestly this case will question the justice for years to come. Even he had managed to rape females behind the trucks in open that too brutally, without any doubt.

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Inigo Pascual photos and videos

The photos and videos of the popular Filipino star are trending on the Twitter and reddit. The private photos emerged on the web through his official social account. The actor released an official statement in which he apologized for this latest controversy. The fans are shocked after this latest scandal which is getting buzz on the social media.

The star is viral on the Twitter’s trending section. Everyone is eager to know the whole issue. Why and how this happened? Also many fans supported the actor on the social media. The controversy also caught by the media headlines.