Jaylon Elmore olathe east Shooting Suspect Arrested

Things does matter when it comes to safety of our child. What if some incident takes place in the school premises itself? One such incident took place last week, when a person brought a gun and injured two people in the school premises. A person named Jaylon Elmore got arrested in this scene of case. People are out bursting their anger on this case as it is unacceptable. We are still yet to receive official announcement from the police side. Let’s see what we got on Jaylon.

Who is Jaylon Elmore?

Jaylon Elmore is an 18 years old teenager who brought a gun in the Olathe East High School. He didn’t just get a gun, but also shot an administrator and a school resources officer. Currently, he got caught and was taken to the Johnson County Jail around 11 p.m. on Friday. Right now, Jaylon is charged of first degree attempt to murder. Both the person he shot have got serious injuries, but with god grace they were relieved from hospital. When the officials try to check the previous record on Jaylon they found nothing.

The Olathe east Shooting incident is being criticized by the locals of the city. Jaylon Elmore is the suspect of the case and will be taken into custody by the police.

Olathe East Shooting

As per the records, the shooting happened around 10:30 in the morning. Elmore killed SRO Erik Clark, at the same time the Deputy Principal was shot. The situation happened when the school management got doubt on Jaylon carrying a gun. He was asked to visit the school’s office to investigate, and the moment took heat. Jaylon turned up his gun and shot both of them. SRO Clark was at the site, but when Elmore tried to shoot, Clark shot Elmore to disarm him. Everything was recorded on the camera and the evidence is wide clear.

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Jaylon Elmore Arrested

The Police Department praised Clark for taking such an initiative to not let situation get out of hand. Currently the culprit is under custody and the investigation is going on. The officials are questioning Jaylon on his intention to bring a weapon in the school premises.

He is the main suspect of the shooting incident at olathe east school. The police is searching for the strong evidents through footage and clips near the place. Stay tuned to get updated on all the information related to this situation on with us.