North Texas Jeff Younger slammed, daughter and net worth

Who is Jeff Younger? Why students opposed him?

Recently, the Texas House candidate Jeff Younger went to the visit for UNT (University of North Texas). His visit gets viral all over the social media. Users are searching it prior than anything. Let’s take a look why is this news is getting viral and little more about Jeff Younger.

By profession, Jeff is a business owner and somehow might be the representative of the University of Texas. That’s the reason he is campaigning ‘Texas House Candidate’ for the elections Texas House of Representatives. Earlier he was the part of United States Army and Marine corps. He worked as an Infantry in United States for a long period. Then he also served as an Infantry Assualtman in United States Marine Corps. He is the part of business industry since 20 years. He currently is the part of an Oil Refineries and Oil pipeline networks.

He recently visited to the University and according to the sources; he did not receive good responses from the students. What is the actual matter? Actually Jeff being anti- transgender and fascist faces the hate and condemnation from the university. He is well recognized as an anti- transgender person. This is the very reason he is getting such types of responses from the students. When he reached to the campus, even he did not get warm welcome from the students. the video of the students response has got viral on Reddit and different social media.

This type of reactions from the students might affect the preparation as well wining chances of election. For your kind information, we must tell you that Younger is currently campaigning for the election of Texas House of Representatives. In elections he is representing 63 districts.

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Putting some highlight on his personnel life, he is a divorced man. He married to Anne Georgulas. The couple shared two children together. Kids are living with their mother, as Younger lost the custody of both of his child. Younger always is in highlight regarding many issues.  Either the issues related to unrecognizable gender of his daughter or it would be disagreement with his wife on transition of their child.

The local media also covered the news on the businessman. He own billions dollar shares in his company. The businessman is facing criticism on social media over his remarks. He was trying his luck into the elections.