Owen Skelley North Liberty Iowa death and obituary

It is with great sadness that we have to announce the death of Owen Skelley. According him Owen Skelley, age 19 years old and resident in notifications county was driving at night when his car exploded into a ball Of Fire causing other cars and for their lives. It appears from reports filed by authorities present during investigation this could be some sorta electromagnetic event though no one knows For sure yet but surely something Needs investigating because if it wasn’t then there would’ve been another person dead besides just Owen Skelley himself which isn’t fair. Know the Owen Skelley death cause and family statement.


About Owen Skelley


Late Wednesday evening, an accident took place in which one person died. The police department was quickly notified and they arrived at the scene to deal with it while preserving evidence for investigation purposes.


When the Bowmansville Fire Department and Lancaster Volunteer Rescue Corps arrived at 206 Detector Road, they found that not only had this vehicle experienced damage but also rammed a tree. When we watch videos from both agencies’ social networks accounts where it shows their excellent work in tandem with one another to contain such an unfortunate accident involving several cars being stranded by waterlogged roads due heavy rains last week.


Owen Skelley Death Cause


We share our deepest condolences with the family of Owen Skelley. It is tragic to lose someone at such an early age, and we hope that his soul rest in peace as they grieve over him now- while waiting for more official information from them about how he passed away so quickly without any warning whatsoever! We wish there was something else we could do besides just being present during this difficult time but unfortunately it seems like a necessary thing right now because everywhere you turn all anyone wants does nothing other than offer their sympathies or opinions on what happened

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Go fund me and family


The student’s death was reported on Twitter where users provided their tribute to the person. It is not yet revealed whether they died by committing suicide or were killed, but there are rumors going around that might clear up some things about this situation soon enough for us all.


It’s a tough moment for the family of Owen Skelley. He was too young, and now he’s gone forever. A gofund me page was also made to raise the funds to support family.