Snooze on This Snorlax Bean Bag Chair

No matter which starter Pokemon you prefer or which Pokemon you tend to cherish the most as you navigate Pokemon games, it seems that everyone has a little soft spot in their hearts for the big softie known as Pokemon. This could be because, like many people, Snorlax’s lifestyle is something that they all resonate with: he likes to eat practically everything and doesn’t ever exercise, unless you count getting up to walk to a new napping location exercise. Beyond that, most famously, Snorlax loves to sleep all day.

While adventuring through the Kanto region on your quest to catch ’em all, you know that you’ll soon be coming upon the great sleeping Snorlax. There are two of them blocking your path in different areas: one west of Celadon City right in the center of Route 16 and one just east of Vermillion city on the bridge of Route 12. Because of his massive size of 1,014 pounds and height of nearly seven feet, there’s no way for you to just wander around him, as much as you might want to get on with your adventure. Instead, you’ve got to wake him from his slumber, and you better hope you’ve got that Poke Flute from the top of the Pokemon Tower before you try.

While Snorlax can be a hindrance in your journey through the Pokemon games, the massive size of Snorlax has its advantages in the real world. If you’ve ever wished you could just climb up on the sleeping giant and take a nap with him in game instead of waking him, you’ll be delighted by the idea that you can have your very own Snorlax at home to cuddle up to with this Pokemon Snorlax Bean Bag Chair. The Pokemon Snorlax Bean Bag Chair is made to look just like your favorite sleepy pocket monster from its big, comfy belly to its contented-looking expression as it takes its inconvenient naps along your path through the Kanto region.

This particular Snorlax won’t get in your way at home. Because this normal-type Pokemon bean bag chair doesn’t weigh the half-ton that the actual Snorlax does, you can easily pick him up and move him around to somewhere on the bed or floor where you can cuddle him. He measures four feet tall and two feet wide, giving you plenty of room to snuggle up to this docile Pokemon. The Pokemon Bean Bag Chair is ready to accompany you on all of your adventures through dreamland, whether they lead you through Lavender Town or to fight in new Pokemon Gyms. Full of cushy beans made of polystyrene, this Snorlax also makes a great companion for relaxing on while playing video games or reading a book. No matter how you like to relax, this Pokemon Snorlax Bean Bag Chair is there to help you do so comfortably. Just make sure no one in your house has a Poke Flute so they can’t come and wake you up.

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