Take a nap on this giant Snorlax bean bag chair

Looking for a cozy place to take a nap? Look no more! This giant Snorlax bean bag chair is all you need. This Pokemon bean bag chair from ThinkGeek measures a gigantic 4 feet tall, providing the ultimate space to take a nap and the head can serve perfectly as a pillow. The external side of the Snorlax chair features a comfortable, soft polyester. The internal side has a filling that consists of polyester fiber and cotton as well as polystyrene balls. Because of this, you can sit on this chair in just about any position while enjoying the perfect relaxation and coziness. No matter where you keep it, the Snorlax bean bag chair offers an inviting and warm seat every time.

Snorlax is a popular Pokemon character. It is a sleeping Pokemon that is well-known for his ability to pull all the other Pokemon, as well as obstruct roads, but now he is serving a new purpose: a comfy furniture. Made with high quality materials, this bean bag chair will initiate your sleep easily and quickly after your full day’s adventure to catch your desired Pokemon. It is big and comfortable for people of all ages. You can place the chair on any surface as long as it’s flat e.g. floor of your hall, bedroom, living room, or right inside the door where you can fall on it when you get in.

Product Specifications

• Around 4’ head to toe x 2’ side to side x 1’ thick
• 100% polyester on the outside. Filled with polystyrene balls, polyester fiber mix, and cotton
• A ThinkGeek creation and exclusive
• Officially-licensed Pokemon merchandise
• Hand washable with cold water and dried in air

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While Pokemon Go has taken the world and fans are out there collecting and catching, this Snorlax bean bag chair is nothing of the traditional grapefruit eater or road block. However, one thing is true about it; it is always sleeping. This cute bean bag chair is sure to add a spark of charm to any dorm room, den, or game room. Be careful though; once Snorlax falls asleep in a place where you put it, it may be quite difficult to wake it up.

Pokemon bean bag chair takes relaxation to the next level and it will surely have you snoring on/with Snorlax whenever you need some rest. It is soft and huge. Fortunately, it only weights a few pounds – way less than the 1014 pounds that the actual Snorlax would weigh, considering it actually existed. You can also buy it without beans to save on shipping costs and then fill it with your own stuffing. Snorlax bean bag chair without beans is available on Etsy.

In conclusion, if you love Pokemon or know a friend or family member who is a Pokemon fan, then you must get this product. It is a perfect gift. When the first time ThinkGeek had these in stock, they sold out very quickly. You can order this bean bag chair at ThinkGeek’s website for $149.99.