The Best Big Joe Pool Bean Bags

Bean bags are fun furniture that provides style and comfort for just about any space. But now you can enjoy their comfort in the pool with Big Joe Pool Bean Bags! Floating and chilling in the pool has never been better thanks to these cozy pool bean bag floaters that will elevate your pool experience. Here are a few of the best Joe Pool Bean Bags available:


Big Joe Captain’s Float, Cozumel Stripe

Relax like a true captain with this delightful float that features a blue stripe pattern and loads of comfort! You’ll want to lounge in the pool all day while floating on this pool bean bag. It’s designed for superior comfort and features just enough back support to make lounging in the pool or poolside amazing.

The float is filled with buoyant Megahh Beans so no inflation is necessary. It’ll last long since it’s covered in durable, UV-resistant SunMax fabric so you won’t have to worry about wear and tear ruining your favorite pool accessory.


Big Joe Watermelon Fruit Slice Pool Float

Enjoy the summer sun as you lounge in the pool with this whimsical Big Joe Watermelon Fruit Slice Pool Float! It’s shaped just like a watermelon slice and covered in quick-drying mesh fabric so it won’t develop mold or mildew after a long day of use in your pool.

It’s perfect for just relaxing and floating in the water since it’s filled with buoyant beans that allow it to stay on top of the water no matter how heavy you are.

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You’ll never want to give it up to someone else once you take a spin on this comfy pool bean bag float!


Big Joe Lagoon Lounger Cool Cozumel Stripe Bean Bag

Work on your tan or simply relax floating in the pool with this pillow-like pool bean bag float lounger. You’ll float on the top of the water in cushy comfort. It features two built-in handles for easy toting and tethering, allowing you to get on and off easily.

It’s made with UV-and mildew- resistant materials so it’s long lasting and will be your favorite pool accessory. It’s nice and wide so it provides you with enough room to relax, doze off or simply stare at the sky as you float around the pool. You’re going to have to buy two of these pool bean bag floats since you won’t want to share!


Big Joe Breeze Float Orange Medallion Bean Bag

Bright and bold is what you get with this Big Joe Breeze Float Orange Medallion pool bean bag float. You’ll be able to relax on the beach or in the waves as you float on this comfy bean bag float.

It features a built-in handle for easy toting and no inflation is necessary since it’s filled with buoyant UltimaX beans.

It’ll last long thanks to its UV-and mildew-resistant materials. Hovering between 90 and 135 degrees, it’s great for snacking and drinking too – just add a side table or cooler and you’ll all set!


Big Joe Kona Float Bean Bag Fiesta Cozumel Stripe

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It’ll be a comfy day out on the water when you have this pool bean bag handy! It features a puffy, integrated pillow for resting your head as you enjoy peace and serenity while floating in the pool.

The pool bean bag features an appealing pattern and is covered in durable, UV-resistant SunMax fabric so it won’t fade or get ruined while in use. It’s perfect for all ages who want some fun in the sun!