The Ultimate Guide To Finding The Best Bean Bags For Your Kids

Buying a bean bag is one of the best investments you can make for your kids and toddlers. Bean bags are super comfortable and are one of the best pieces of furniture that you can keep for a kids’ room as they are quite portable and don’t take up a lot of space when they are not in use. These bags can also double as a great way to store all the heaps of toys your toddler has and keep your room clean. With different types of materials and size options, it can be quite confusing navigating the scores of options available. Here are a few tips for buying guides and the best bean bags available on the market to guide you through the process of finding a long-term bean bag for you.

Buying guide to the best bean bags for your kids

There are a few things that you need to focus on while buying a bean bag:

  1. Type of bean bag

Bean bags can be of two types:

  • Classic bean bag- These bean bags are the traditional style bags and contain fillers. These bags can be more durable and last for long. They are generally more comfortable.
  • Storage cum bean bags: These bags can be stuffed with stuffed toys, blankets, pillows and everything soft and plushy. They often don’t have the thickest fabric and can be a little lumpy.
  1. Size

The size of the bean bag is really important. You definitely want something that is big enough obviously, but you also don’t want a bag that is huge as it will need a lot of filling or stuffed animals and blankets etc.

  1. The fabric

Ensure that for classic bean bags, the material is non-toxic and compatible with safety guidelines. For storage ones, you will need to find a bag with a thicker fabric that hides the lumps and has some tensile strength. Cotton canvas is a good choice for the material.

  1. Ease of cleaning

If you have a child, you know that they are able to get everything dirty in the blink of an eye. Ensure that the bag you are going for, whether classic or storage style is easy to clean (machine washable is preferable for the former).

  1. Safety zipper

For classic bean bags, you definitely want to ensure there are safety features on the zipper to ensure your toddlers don’t open up the bag and create a huge mess of the fillings.

With these in mind, here are 7 of the best bean bags available on the market along with reviews, pros and cons.

7 Best Bean Bags To Go For!

Comfort Research Big Joe Basketball Bean Bag with Smart Max Fabric

If your son or daughter is a fan of sports, this is absolutely the perfect bean bag for them. The toddler bean bag from Big Joe is shaped like a basketball and can be found shaped like footballs or soccer balls as well as per preference, which makes it ideal for themed kids’ rooms. The fabric is super tough and is resistant to staining. It is easily cleanable and has a waterproof fabric that stands up to your kids’ abuse. The beans are denser and more comfortable than regular beans. The bag features double stitching and twin zippers that give you better safety and strength. The bag can also be spot cleaned, which is a relief when you have messy kids around.


  • The fabric is very durable due to high-quality stitching.
  • It stands up well to wear and tear.


  • If you don’t use the recommended beans, regular beans may shrink and make it uncomfortable to sit.
  • It takes quite a lot of stuffing to fill up the bag.


Lilly’s Love Chevron Storage Stuffed Animal Bean Bag Chair (Grey)

This storage bean bag is a very efficient solution to the endless piles of soft toys that comes with having a kid in the house. The bag looks elegant and modern due to the chevron print and can fit into almost all types of décor. The seams of the bag are topstitched and reinforced to ensure strength. The material is a canvas material that is quite durable. The handle helps improve the portability of the bean bag. The best part is the 24” zipper that makes stuffing away your stuffed toys very easy. The material is free from any chemicals and doesn’t have flame retardants.


  • The bag is ideally sized for acting as a chair.
  • The fabric is very strong and the design is very aesthetic.


  • The material can rip if anything sharp is kept in it.
  • The zipper seam can tear with use.


ECR4Kids Toddler Classic Bean Bag Chair, Assorted (22″)

This bean bag features a classic design and is ideal for toddlers. With 28 different colour and pattern options, there is quite a variety to choose from. It is 22” in size and the upholstery is made from soft leather polyurethane which is very durable and can be easily cleaned with mild soap and warm water. The bag is super sturdy and has twice stitched seams for durability. The double zippers help keep the beads safe. The bag is non-toxic and compliant with safety regulations.


  • The bag is quite light and easily portable.
  • The material is super durable and easy to clean.


  • The bag doesn’t come with filling, which needs to be purchased separately.
  • It is not suitable for anyone older than 6 years.


Flash Furniture Small Light Pink Dot Kids Bean Bag Chair

This bean bag chair offers over 16 different colour options that can fit any décor whatsoever. With more solid tones, these are more practical and can work for most types of room decors. The bag is quite lightweight and portable. The bag features an interesting cotton twill upholstery that makes it super comfortable to sit on. The removable slipcover is machine washable and can be washed in cold water. The safety zipper helps keep the polystyrene polymer beads secure.


  • The safety lock ensures that kids can’t access the beads and create a mess.
  • The removable cover is a good addition.


  • The lighter colours can collect quite a lot of dust.
  • The beans are not the best quality.


Creative QT EXTRA LARGE Stuff ‘n Sit – Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag Chair for Kids – Pouf Ottoman for Toy Storage

This is one of the most highly rated bean bags that is universally loved and for good reason. The extra-large storage space allows you to store almost 90 toys in this pouf and forms an ottoman that is super comfortable. The solid striped colour pattern easily fits in with your room décor and helps in decluttering your home. The standard one is ideal for younger kids with the 27inch diameter which is more practical in smaller spaces. The extra-large one is 38 inches which can store miscellaneous items like pillows and blankets as well.


  • The quality of the fabric is amazing and heavy duty
  • The zipper is long enough to have most stuffed animals fit comfortably.


  • The bag can be a little lumpier due to the thin material.
  • The zipper can pop open if the bag is filled completely.


EDC Maker Kid’s Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag Chair with Extra Long Zipper

One of the best options if you have picky kids, this bean bag from EDCMaker is available in a whopping 29 color and print options to ensure that even the pickiest child can find something they like. The prints are abstract, floral and they even have a football patterned one. There are two sizes, 38” and 48”. It comes in a cotton fabric material that is super comfortable and easy to clean.


  • Makes the process of cleaning up super easy
  • The cotton fabric is quite durable and soft to sit on and the long zipper helps with easy access


  • Overstuffing the bag can lead to tearing and ripping of the fabric.
  • The colour fades with multiple washes.


MiniOwls X-Large Toy Storage Bag – When Filled, Turns into Bean Bag SEAT

The unique thing about this bean bag is the shape of it. While traditional bean bags don’t really offer a lot of back support, this version turns into a very comfortable seat due to the backrest. It fits around 70-80 toys comfortably or around 200l of fillers. The bag can be used by adults as well and has a cotton canvas fabric that is very strong. The stitching is reinforced and the bag even has reinforced corners.


  • The company is known for their quality products and excellent customer service.
  • Its material is thick and smooth.


  • The colour can fade with washes.
  • The handle tab is not quite secure and can come off if pulled hard.


If you like the idea of storage cum bean bag, the best option to go for is the Creative QT EXTRA LARGE Stuff ‘n Sit while for the simple, classic bean bag; the Big Joe is a good option. With a bit of knowledge about the different types of materials and types, you can pick the ideal option of keeping your needs and lifestyle constraints in mind.