What does the phone goes both ways mean? – Q&A

What does the phone goes both ways mean? – Q&A

What does it mean to go to both sides of the phone?

[Deactivated user] 1. Well it is an expression “Whatever can happen to me can happen to you too.” In this story the man is telling the woman that if you find bad things about me, then I can find bad things about you. It goes both ways.

What does it mean I like it both ways?

“I Like It Both Ways” is a song by Australian glam rock band Superknot. Musically, “I Like It Both Ways” is a hard glam number, with heavy ruffing, while the lyrics have become the subject of bisexuality.

What does it mean to go both ways?

(informal) Having, or having, a reciprocal or reciprocal relationship or obligation. Empathy goes both ways. (informal) To be bisexual. quote Synonyms: see thesaurus: be bisexual. (informal, especially of a gay person) To be versatile, capable of acting as an up or down.

When something goes both ways?

The definition of reciprocal refers to something that goes both ways or something that is done in exchange for a similar act. In grammar, reciprocity is the verb or relationship between two nouns or pronouns.

Does respect go both ways?

Respect goes both ways. If you respect your children, they will respect you. If you respect your friends, they will respect you. If you respect your customers, they will respect you.

What can I say instead of both?

Synonyms: two, two’s, pair’s, pair, and, as well as, not only but…

What is the word to clarify?

Telling the obvious is probably best stated as “self-evident”. For example, “A road is better than a short trail to connect those two large neighborhoods.” “It’s self-evident.”

Can you lie without saying a word?

Yes. Lying without saying a word is what I call a lie by omission: intentionally omitting a factual detail would drastically change the meaning of what was said. For example: it is buying something and not telling the person you bought it.

How do you say you really like something?

7 Ways to Say You Like Something in English

  1. I enjoy it. This verb means “to take pleasure in or take pleasure in something”.
  2. I like this.
  3. I am passionate about it.
  4. I am fond of it.
  5. I’m a fan of this.
  6. I am interested in this.
  7. I’m in it

What is another word for indirect?

In this page you can find 20 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions and related words indirectly, such as: peripherally, indirectly, from secondary source, negatively, secondhand, peripherally, directly, indirectly From, in a roundabout way, not immediately and widely.

What does concomitant mean in english?

existing or occurring with something else, often in a lesser way; with; Concurrent: An event and its concomitant circumstances.

What is meant by indirect?

adjective. not in a straight path or way; deviation from a straight line; Roundabout: An indirect course in sailing. Not direct in action or process: His methods are indirect but not dishonest. not straight; crooked; Cheater: He is known to be a shady, indirect partner.

What is the definition of indirect rule?

A system of government by one nation over another in which the people governed have certain administrative, legal, and other powers. This policy of indirect governance largely retained the local political systems and traditions.

What does the phone goes both ways mean? – Q&A

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