What is a DEC statement in the army? – Q&A

What is a DEC statement in the army? – Q&A

What is the statement of DEC in the army?

It is nothing more than a statement of intent that a person does not wish to continue to serve. If you declare, the army will not listen to you and will cancel your order. Measures exist to force you to meet the DEC statement, such as preventing you from being able to reenlist.

Can you decline orders in the military?

Military members disobey orders at their own risk. They also follow orders at their own risk. The order to commit an offense is unlawful. An order to perform military duty, no matter how dangerous, is valid as long as it does not involve an offence.

What is DCSS Army?

DCSS has been installed for Soldiers who refuse to act long enough to comply with HQDA-directed Service Remaining Requirements (SRRs), disqualifying them for continued service.

How many years can an SFC stay in the army?

26 years

Can you stay in the army for 40 years?

The US military offers very generous pension benefits—after 20 years of service, members can retire with 50% of their final pay for the rest of their lives. Since this allows most to retire around age 40, payments can last for a very long time (and they are also adjusted for inflation).

Can you live off military retirement pay?

Can you live off military retirement pay? The short answer is, yes, absolutely. But it takes a lot of planning to make this work. A good friend of mine, Doug Nordman, wrote the book The Military Guide to Financial Independence and Early Retirement and founded the website The Military Guide.

How old do you have to be in the military to get benefits?

Veterans Benefits and Length of Service

Benefit Minimum Service Requirement term of service
military health insurance 20 years any
VA Pension 90 days of active duty Before 7 September 1980
VA Pension 2 years active duty on or after September 7, 1980
VA Disability Compensation any any

How long must you serve to be considered a veteran?

We use, “not counting 180 days of active duty training or 1 day in a combat zone,” as our rule of thumb to determine whether a person is a veteran.

Do all elderly get free health care?

Can I Get Free VA Health Care as a Veteran? You can receive free VA health care for any illness or injury that we determine is related to your military service (called “Service Connected”). We also provide some other services free of charge.

Is every veteran eligible for health care?

Every veteran is entitled to medical care through the VA health system, but some veterans with service-connected disabilities are entitled to priority care. When a vet va . enrolls in

What is a DEC statement in the army? – Q&A

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