What Time Does Hobby Lobby Open

What Time Does Hobby Lobby Open

What Time Does Hobby Lobby Open – David Green created this arts and crafts enterprise on August 3, 1972. They generally sell things for crafts and arts. David Green CEO and the President Steve Green together with CFO John Cargill. John Cargill is a significant figure.

What Time Does Hobby Lobby Open – An American retail firm manages the $5 billion art and crafts shop retailer. Hobby Lobby has approximately 969 shops throughout 47 states. David Green founded Hobby Lobby in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, in the year 2000.

David Green launched his first firm inside Northwest Oklahoma City in 1972. In 2022 Hobby Lobby will have over 969 shops throughout 47 states. Alaska, Hawaii, and Vermont are the only states that do not have even one Hobby Lobby.

What Time Does Hobby Lobby Open?

Hobby Lobby stores in the United States normally open at 9:00 AM throughout the week (Monday to Saturday), excluding Sunday.

Aside from that, the retail store is closed on Sundays.

However, there may be a variance in the Hobby Lobby Opening Hours in some places. In the event of an emergency, it’s a good idea to double-check the Hobby Lobby hours in your area.

What Time Does Hobby Lobby Open

What Time Does Hobby Lobby Open Today?

Most Hobby Lobby locations in the United States normally close at 8:00 PM Monday through Saturday. However, Hobby Lobby stays closed on Sunday.

Depending on your location and the day of the week, you may come across varied Hobby Lobby Closing Times.

For example, the retail network of art stores works with restricted hours on New Year’s Day. So, you should verify the Hobby Lobby Hours in your location before rushing for late evening shopping.


The business respects public holidays following its opening and final schedule. Even though Hobby Lobby looks to be focused generally toward its clients, it found the following main holidays:

  • Thanksgiving Day
  •  Christmas Day
  • Cinco de Mayo
  • Halloween Day
  • Sunday, April 1st:
  • Veterans Day
  • Boxing Day
  • St. Patrick’s Day
  • The Fourth of July
  • President’s Day
  • King’s birthday is celebrated on January 15.
  • A day to honour moms
  • Bad Friday
  • Christmas Eve
  • Monday, January 1st
  • Good Friday
  • A day to honour and celebrate fathers everywhere.
  • Memorial Day
  • New Year’s Eve
  • Labor Day

What Time Does Hobby Lobby Open Near Me?



To use the official Hobby Lobby store finder, click on the following link: Hobby Lobby Hours. You may either click on the “Stores Near Me” link or manually key in your state and the city or zip code you’re looking for. A map of Hobby Lobby locations around you will be shown. Select an individual store to display their unique hours of operation, address, business details, and contact information such as their phone number. This is the approach we propose for finding current Hobby Lobby Hours that is accurate, store-specific, and up-to-date.

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Maps by Google

If none of the methods above work for you, you can always use Google Maps to look for Hobby Lobby hours or other shop details like addresses and directions. Simply enter “Hobby Lobby” into the Google Maps search bar. If you’d like to skip this step, you may find a Hobby Lobby near you by clicking on the link provided. Google Maps also provides you useful information besides Hobby Lobby hours of operation, such as their address, phone number, business rating, and even directions if you wish to make the trek to the arts and crafts giant.

An App for Hobbies

Hobby Lobby’s official mobile app is a terrific tool for you if you’re one of those people always on the go and want Hobby Lobby hours of operation and all information Hobby Lobby related right at the comfort of your fingertips. This link will take you right to Hobby Lobby’s mobile app website, which provides you an overview of the perks of the app, such as the ability to shop, obtain coupons, monitor orders, manage your account, read the weekly ad, and Hobby Lobby store hours of operation for your neighbourhood store. IOS, Google Play, and Windows users may all download the Hobby Lobby mobile app from the links below.

Questions That Were Often Asked (FAQs)

A few questions and answers for your convenience:

Is Hobby Lobby Store open Today?

If today is not a Sunday, Christmas Day, or Thanksgiving Day then yes Hobby Lobby opens their store’s usual operation Time.

Hobby Lobby Memorial Day Hours 2022: Open or Closed?

Yes, they open their business but they shorten their hours from 9 am to 5:30 pm.

Why is Hobby Lobby Closed on Sunday?

Because Hobby Lobby employees are not allowed to work on Sundays.

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The owners of Hobby Lobby practise what religion?

David Green is a well-known businessman in the United States.

If Memorial Day falls on a weekday, will Hobby Lobby be open?

Yes, on memorial day, Hobby Lobby opens its stores but its operation time is different.

Is Hobby Lobby Open on Labor Day?

Yes, on Labor day, Hobby Lobby opens its stores but its operation hours is different.

Is Hobby Lobby Open on Sundays?

No, Hobby Lobby most of the stores closed on Sunday.

Is Hobby Lobby Open Today?

If today is neither a Sunday or any important federal holiday then most of the Hobby Lobby locations open at 9:00 AM and close at 8:00 PM.

What time does Hobby Lobby close?

Hobby Lobby locations typically close at 8:00 p.m. on weekdays.

The owners of Hobby Lobby follow what religion?

David Green is the owner of this U.S. retail chain. According to the Forbes, Magazine David is the greatest evangelical donor in the world.

Can I order from Hobby Lobby Online?

Yes, you may simply purchase products from the official Hobby Lobby Site. You can also visit the nearest shop.

Do the same people own both Hobby Lobby and Michaels?

A third party doesn’t own Hobby Lobby.

How does Hobby Lobby obtain its goods?

China supplies Hobby Lobby with billions of dollars’ worth of goods.

How frequently does Hobby Lobby provide free shipping?

It happens around once a month on average.

Where is Hobby Lobby Corporate Office?

Hobby Lobby’s corporate headquarters are in

American metropolis of Oklahoma City.

Where are Hobby Lobby Locations?

Hobby Lobby operates in more than 932 locations in the United States.

What Time Does Hobby Lobby Open?

The majority of Hobby Lobby stores open at 9:00 a.m. every morning.

What Time Do Hobby Lobby Stores Open?

On Sundays, Hobby Lobby stores around the country are closed.


What Time Does Hobby Lobby Open – This is all of the information that was previously provided, so you may utilise it in a variety of ways. You may use this to see if Hobby Lobby is open before you get there because most of the numbers in this article originate from their sources. Their times are indicated in case you need to realise them, you may check into them at your convenience.