What Time Does Target Open? Is Target Open Today?

What time does target openIt has operations in all 50 states and provides products of the highest possible quality at deeply discounted prices. Therefore, if you are planning on going shopping at the Target location that is closest to you, it is in your best interest to familiarise yourself with the most recent Target Hours. Be sure to anticipate more while paying less at Target, as this is what their motto says you should do!

What time does target open


Even if the epidemic is not yet ended, the schedules have shifted quite a bit, and as long as things continue to look up, we are hopeful that targets all across the nation will continue to operate during these hours for some time.

Customers can anticipate finding their neighbourhood Target open at the most convenient hours imaginable, making the shopping experience at Target one of the most convenient shopping options available. Shop to your heart’s content at the Target store closest to you if you go there during these times.

In most places, what time does target open from Sunday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM, with the exception of Christmas Day. It has extended hours on Saturdays, going from 8:00 AM to 11:00 PM.

Although this is the case on Saturdays the majority of the time, many Target shops open and close at slightly earlier times than others. Many of these stores close in the afternoon rather than at 10:00 PM on Friday or Saturday hours. Please consult the chart that follows for an exhaustive rundown of the Sunday hours, opening hours, and closing hours that Target maintains over the seven days of the week.

When does target open


Although when does target open for the same number of hours every day of the year, it is common practise for certain of its locations to keep extended hours on certain holidays, such as Christmas Eve and Black Friday.

The holidays are a busy time for individuals to organise little get-togethers and parties, making shopping stores an especially vital activity at this time. Keeping this in mind, when does target open’s hours are designed to provide the greatest amount of convenience to the consumers as is humanly feasible.

In reference to the what time does target open, it is important to note that although many stores are open during particular holidays, the hours may be slightly different from what they are on ordinary days.

In addition, they do not observe any of the majority of national holidays. The following two sections provide information for consumers regarding the holidays during which Target stores are open and the holidays during which they are closed. Customers will find this information helpful.

what time does target open

Is target open today?


  • The holiday honouring Martin Luther King Jr.
  • The Holiday Honoring the President
  • Good Friday
  • Labour Day
  • The celebration of Columbus Day
  • Veteran’s Day

The day before the Thanksgiving holiday

  • Thanksgiving Day (Black Friday)
  • The evening of Christmas
  • The Day Following Christmas
  • Tonight is New Year’s Eve

What time target open?


You may either phone them at the number +1 800 440 0680 or contact the support staff directly through their website in order to be connected to the appropriate group.

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Customer service at what time target open is provided by teams that are comprised of individuals that are both highly experienced and professionally trained. They offer timely and encouraging help to the consumers in order to ensure that they have the finest experience possible.

You may also look for a Target Store that is located near you by downloading the Target app on your Android, Apple, or Windows smartphone. This will allow you to use the Target Store Locator tool, which allows you to find a is target open today Store that is located near you. In addition, we strongly advise you to verify the target hours for your particular retail location a second time just to be sure.

In what capacities does Target serve its customers?

  • is target open today customer loyalty programme that allows customers to receive one percent back in the form of target circle rewards whenever they make a purchase at Target using a payment method other than their Redcard. This payment method can be used at Target, either in-store or online. Visit target.com/circle if you’re interested in learning more about Target Circle.
  • Redcard: with a Redcard, payment is made easy, and it comes with a variety of fantastic features that you can avail yourself of in order to save a great deal of money at Target in-store, online, or on the Target app. You may submit an application for a Redcard right now and learn more about the programme by visiting the Target website.
  • The Target app is your personal shopper and money-saving assistant. The convenient Target app allows you to make a lot of purchases and save a lot of money; all you have to do is download it, then take a seat and enjoy the benefits. You are able to place purchases and keep up to date on all of the latest deals and additional perks if you do so online.
  • Personal care: Target provides a variety of personal care services, including the ability to schedule an appointment for an express facial, waxing, or treatment with a licenced Face Haus aesthetician; to make an appointment for ear piercing with a registered Rowan nurse; and to schedule an appointment for an eye exam, get contacts, or find a brand new pair of your favourite frames.
  • At-home services: Target now provides quick installation of your TV wall mount or other smart home gadgets. Powered by HelloTech, this service allows you to plan an in-home setup at a time that is convenient for you. In addition, Target now offers home maintenance services and furniture assembly services, both of which are powered by Handy and can be reserved through the retailer.
  • Run errands without leaving the premises by sending and receiving packages as you buy. Certain is target open todaylocations now provide FedEx, UPS, and USPS shipping and pickup services, so you may receive items there. These services allow you to drop off and pick up your packages. In addition, Target will soon be adding laundry and dry cleaning services, so that you can hand over the responsibility of caring for your clothing to a trained expert.
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Target’s Various Methods of Shipping and Delivery

You may order for in-store pickup or home delivery if you prefer to avoid making purchases in the physical shop. The order pick-up service is offered for free, is accessible at any and all stores, and the majority of things may be obtained within a few hours.

Target staff provide a “drive-up” service, which means they will carry the item to your vehicle at no additional cost. This service is intended for customers who do not even want to get out of their cars. In the meanwhile, the “Shopped by Shipt” service makes it possible for you to receive same-day delivery.

If you are a member of Shipment, which costs $99 per year, delivery is free, but each order must still total at least $35 before it can be processed. You also have the option to pay a delivery fee of $9.99 for each order that is qualified for delivery.

Last but not least, customers who spend more than $35 or shop using a retailer’s store card called Redcard are eligible for free delivery on their goods. If the total value of the order is not very high or if you do not use the card, you will be assessed a flat price for basic delivery in the amount of $5.99.

Regarding Target

A well-known American retail firm, Target is in reality the seventh largest retailer in the United States. It is one of the components that makes up the S&P 500 Index.

what time target open was founded in 1962 as the discount division of the Dayton Company of Minnesota, which was based in Minneapolis. In the 1980s, as part of the Dayton-Hudson Corporation, the company began expanding its store count across the country, and in the 1990s, it introduced new store formats under the Target brand.

The firm has done well in the market by positioning itself as a provider of affordable yet stylish goods. After that, in the year 2000, the parent company became known as Target Corporation, and in 2004, it officially severed its ties to the department store chain that it had previously owned.

Target Store Review

As a shopping destination in the 21st century, what time target open unquestionably comes up to the expectations in terms of both the value of its products and the quality of its customer service. Even though it is a bargain retailer, Target has a community of customers and service providers that is expanding all the time. There is no limit to the size of this family since the sky is the limit. Stop by the Target location closest to you to take advantage of their world-class services at rates that are discounted and priced affordably.


Now that you have a “bull’s-eye” perspective of the what time does target open corporation, we hope that you have all the knowledge you need to educate yourself with, before you plan your shopping trip to Target, so that you may make the most of your experience there. Get in line, and get set shopping!